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Taylor Bailey Douglass is an abstract expressionist painter and designer specializing in resin fine art and furniture, born in Houston, Texas. Creating spiritually and environmentally charged mixed media abstracts of calming cool colors, Douglass’ work explores introspection and the path to enlightenment through expression, encouraging the viewer to reflect and look within to be a positive force in the world. Douglass is inspired by elements, colors, and energies in the natural world and how they change the way we feel and react. Her hope is that her colorful work will transfer therapeutic frequencies, bringing awareness to the role of your inner being and human consciousness, as it pertains to living in harmony on earth with all living things.

After earning her bachelors degree from the Art Institute of Houston in 2012,  Douglass went on to establish her fine art and design company. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, she actively participates in the local community and is passionate about sharing art experiences. Douglass teaches bi-monthly resin classes at Sam Flax art store. Recently, her class has been featured on Bravo TV’s Blind Date.

Douglass has exhibited work in a number of galleries across the region, including Facet Gallery, City of Ink, Peters Street Station, TILA, Po wder Bleu Gallery, and more. She has been a feature artist in non-profit events, “Art Speaks” for Autism Speaks Foundation, with Grammy award-winning producer Needlz – curated by Canvas 5550, and UNICEF’s “ATL Art Party” for three consecutive years. The artist is currently exhibiting a capsule collection at The State Capitol of Georgia.

Douglass has two public collections of resin tabletop works acquired by national food chain Mellow Mushroom, installed at the Fort Myers, FL and East Cobb, GA locations. She also has a public collection of works on display at The Pop-Up Co-Op in Houston, TX, where she recently had a solo exhibition. This past year, she has landed on the pages of Envisionary Magazine, and VoyageATL as one of “Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories”, and completed her first artist residency at gallery and artist incubator Po wder Bleu in West Midtown, Atlanta. Her work is also held in private collections in Texas, Georgia, Florida, California, D.C., and Oregon.

“My creative process is an intimate, spiritual, and sacred ritual, beginning with a cleansing of the space. This practice, along with music, puts me into a meditative state where I can begin painting. I then allow my energy to lead my brushes across each panel. With every stroke, a visual language is born.

I am inspired by natural elements, so I incorporate them into my work. My pieces are hand built from wood, painted with the use of water, and fire & wind are added with heating tools during creation. Through special color blending techniques, layering, and added elements of texture, each composition evolves over time until it has achieved an aesthetic that visually portrays my emotive energy. Each piece is sealed with a high quality epoxy resin, which adds brilliance and depth. The finish delivers a reflective surface, metaphorically, allowing its’ observers to see into themselves.

The way we experience the world around us is a true reflection of our most inner self. My artwork explores this belief. Working with mostly cool tones, I believe that color has the power to heal, soothe, renew, and help us radiate. I want people to take a journey to self awareness, inspiring them to seek balance, peace, and a higher level of consciousness."


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